GIG Advanced Colourways

There are two classic colourways available in the Advanced range.
Wine Red with Silver Piping and Black shown in left hand thumbnail.
Black with Silver Piping shown in right hand thumbnail. Please click the thumbnail to view a larger image.

Advanced GIG bags are designed for the more serious, advanced/pro player who like the concept and practicality of GIG, but may not wish to have a brightly coloured STUDENT GIG bag on their back. This does not mean pro and more experienced/older players do not use our STUDENT range, it is dependant on your disposition and the style of music you play.

Advanced GIG bags use high quality micro fiber for all pockets and main body on STITCHED bags and all pockets on MOULDED. All Advanced bags and cases use moulded zipper pulls embossed with the GIG logo for ease of grip and use. The materials used are more expensive than the STUDENT range, so are a little more costly to buy, BUT THE DESIGN, DIMENSIONS, QUALITY OF ZIPPERS AND CONSTRUCTION ARE IDENTICAL.

Advanced GIG colorways are available in both STITCHED and  MOULDED cases, where both types are offered.