GIG Bags for Bass Trombone

Bass Trombone Bags are available as STITCHED product in all STUDENT and ADVANCED colourways. This bag doubles as the Tenor Sax bag, so please bear this in mind for identification purposes.  This will sound a little strange to most, but when you see the bag for real, you will understand how this can be!

GIG managed to design another top rate bag here.  The main features include a separate compartment for the main hand slide section. This has wood panels in each side to create a safe environment for the most fragile section of the trombone.  The slide section  is also the most difficult and costly to repair if you can find a repair person up to the job.

As repairmen, we are only too aware of the importance of this and therefore we made the main slide pocket a spine system right down in the centre core of the bag.  This system along with the hard base with 40mm foam suspension system for the bell section makes a very protective user friendly bag.  There is a security strap inside the main bell compartment for added safety when opening the bag.

Our Bass Trombone GIG Bags are used for all Tenor Trombones.  This includes Bb/F with all types of valve type and configuration.  Theyer, Hagman and conventional rotors fit perfectly as do open wrap instruments.  Many of the worlds top line pro bass trombone players like Mark Frost are now using our GIG Bags, along with leading manufacturers of handmade trombones.

If it's good enough for them, is it not time you tried one?

GIG, if you can find a better bag, we would like to know.

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