GIG Bags for Trumpets

Well, what can we say about the GIG Trumpet/Cornet case?  This was were it all started.  Tom Rees the owner of GIG started playing trumpet in 1978 and later went onto cornet.  This coupled with his repair and retail music background is where this terrific range of bags started from.

Take a look at other bags on the market and you will find bland, black, non functional , non protective sacks/boxes!

At GIG, we decided that there must be another way, another solution.  GIG came up with


We included safety, style, colour, function, protection and a versatile means of traveling for the MUSICIAN ON THE MOVE.  The player now has......


This includes mouthpiece pouches, storage for Metronomes, Tuners etc.  You also have pockets for music a full set of mutes and even storage for pens.

GIG Bags for Trumpet are now available in both STITCHED bags and MOULDED carry case, along with the full colour ranges of the STUDENT and ADVANCED series.
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GIG have created a REVOLUTION in the world of carry cases and bags.

Now it's time for you to find out what the fuss is about!

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